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Camino Sanabrés
Granja de Moreruela, Santa Marta de Tera, A Gudiña, Ourense, Lalín, Santiago de Compostela; A Gudiña, Verín, Ourense

Route map

Highest point: Portillo del Padornelo 1368m
A variant of the Via de la Plata, direct to Santiago, also known as Camino Meridional. Leaves the Via de la Plata N of Zamora, and heads NW via Ourense to Santiago. For detailed description, see Mundicamino site.

Confraternity of St James produces English: guide | factsheet

Detailed mapping for sections (compare with list above):

  • Granja de Moreruela-Santiago de Compostela
  • A Gudiña-Ourense
kmcumul kmview on map
Granja de Moreruela - Tabara25.0125.01kml dump
Tabara - Santa Marta de Tera23.0048.01kml dump
Santa Marta de Tera - Rionegro del Puente27.3675.37kml dump
Rionegro del Puente - Asturianos25.56100.93kml dump
Asturianos - Pedralba de la Pradería21.80122.73kml dump
Pedralba de la Pradería - Lubián24.91147.64kml dump
Lubián - A Canda6.07153.71kml dump
a canda_a gudiña17.58171.29kml dump
A Gudiña - Campobecerros17.64188.93kml dump
Campobecerros - Laza16.42205.35kml dump
Laza - Vilar de Barrio18.96224.31kml dump
Vilar de Barrio - Xunqueira de Ambía13.11237.42kml dump
Xunqueira de Ambía - Pereiras11.34248.76kml dump
Pereiras- Ourense10.97259.73kml dump
Ourense - Cea21.81281.54kml dump
Cea - Dozón13.65295.19kml dump
Dozón - A Laxe18.57313.76kml dump
A Laxe - Vedra32.24346.00kml dump
Vedra_Santiago16.47362.47kml dump
aA Gudiña - Verín41.9041.90kml dump
aVerín_Trasmiras20.9762.87kml dump
aTrasmiras_Xinzo de Limia16.6579.52kml dump
aXinzo de Limia-Allariz32.05111.57kml dump
aAllariz - Pereiras12.74124.31kml dump
vCea-Oseira9.009.00kml dump
vOseira-Dozón10.2719.27kml dump
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