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Modern Routes - Route Details

Via Podiensis GR65
Le Puy-en-Velay, Conques, Figeac, Cahors, Montréal du Gers, Ostabat

Route map

Highest point: Aubrac 1307m
This route is waymarked as the GR65. It was the first French route to be created, and is currently by far the most used. See the Fondation David Parou site for more info on its creation. The red/white markings of the GR65 continue on the Camino Navarro through Navarre.

Confraternity of St James produces English: guide | factsheet

Detailed mapping for sections (compare with list above):

  • Le Puy-en-Velay-Ostabat
kmcumul kmview on map
Le Puy-Saugues41.4141.41kml dump
Saugues-Nasbinals73.37114.78kml dump
Nasbinals-Conques82.62197.40kml dump
Conques-Figeac50.17247.57kml dump
Figeac-Cahors87.65335.22kml dump
Cahors-Moissac71.67406.89kml dump
Moissac-Condom85.73492.62kml dump
Condom-Aire sur l'Adour83.82576.44kml dump
Aire sur l'Adour-Arthez63.79640.23kml dump
Arthez-Ostabat63.11703.34kml dump
vVariante GR659.229.22kml dump
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Kml dump of all mapped sections listed above

- opens in separate tab/window
- viewing all sections may take long time to load on slow lines and/or machines; overview loads quickly and is the recommended option
- OpenStreetMap/Bing/Google cover all countries; national topo maps only sections in that country
- there are separate pages for use in mobile devices - see blog post for more details
- a kml (Google Earth) dump can be loaded into a GPS device, either directly or using a conversion program such as GPSBabel or GPS Visualizer
- a height profile for individual sections is available in the route section popup
- * display of individual section does not work in popup on routes overview map

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