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Modern Routes - Route Details

Lichtenfels, Bamberg, Nürnberg; Erfurt, Unterweissbach; Unterweissbach, Almerswind; Almerswind, Coburg, Lichtenfels

Route map

A 132km route from Lichtenfels via Bamberg to Nuremberg is now open.
An extension from Erfurt is planned, of which two sections are also now open: Auf den Spuren starker Frauen, a 50km route linking Erfurt with Arnstadt and Paulinzella; and a route from the Thuringen/Bavarian border near Schalkau through Coburg to Lichtenfels.

Detailed mapping for sections (compare with list above):

  • Lichtenfels-Nürnberg
  • Erfurt-Unterweissbach
  • Almerswind-Lichtenfels
kmcumul kmview on map
01 Arnstadt20.3320.33kml dump
02 Paulinzella27.6948.02kml dump
03 Unterweißbach20.3768.39kml dump
Jakobsweg Almerswind-Coburg18.3786.76kml dump
Jakobsweg Coburg-Lichtenfels23.15109.91kml dump
02 Lichtenfels -Zapfendorf22.55132.46kml dump
03 Zapfendorf -Bamberg23.21155.67kml dump
04 Bamberg -Hallerndorf23.18178.85kml dump
05 Hallerndorf - Effeltrich19.45198.30kml dump
Effeltrich - Nürnberg32.88231.18kml dump
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Kml dump of all mapped sections listed above

- opens in separate tab/window
- viewing all sections may take long time to load on slow lines and/or machines; overview loads quickly and is the recommended option
- OpenStreetMap/Bing/Google cover all countries; national topo maps only sections in that country
- there are separate pages for use in mobile devices - see blog post for more details
- a kml (Google Earth) dump can be loaded into a GPS device, either directly or using a conversion program such as GPSBabel or GPS Visualizer
- a height profile for individual sections is available in the route section popup
- * display of individual section does not work in popup on routes overview map

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