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Via Gebennensis GR65
Geneva, Beaumont, Serrières, Yenne, Valencogne, Gillonnay, Cheyssieu, Le Tracol, Le Puy-en-Velay; Annecy, Serrières; Petit St Bernard, Albertville, Montmélian, Chambéry, Yenne; La Tour du Pin, Valencogne; St Etienne, Le Tracol; Vienne, Cheyssieu; Annemasse, Beaumont; Saint-Gingolph, Geneva; Voiron, Blaune

Route map

Highest point: Queyrières 1150m
The GR65 Le Puy-St Jean Pied de Port has been extended to link the Swiss border near Geneva and Le Puy, the Via Gebennensis. A guidebook in French and German is published by the Association Rhône-Alpes des Amis de St-Jacques, and there is also an FFRP topoguide.
The Amis have also marked a number of spurs: from Annemasse, St Gingolph, Annecy, Col du Petit St Bernard and Chambéry, La Tour du Pin, Voiron, Vienne, St Etienne. See their website for more details.

Confraternity of St James produces English: guide | factsheet

Detailed mapping for sections (compare with list above):

  • Geneva-Le Puy-en-Velay
  • Annemasse-Beaumont
  • Saint-Gingolph-Geneva
  • Annecy-Serrières
kmcumul kmview on map
Via Gebennensis: Genève - Beaumont15.1215.12kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Beaumont - Chaumont24.7039.82kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Chaumont - Seyssel17.9657.78kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Seyssel - Jongieux29.2186.99kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Jongieux - Saint-Genix30.86117.85kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Saint-Genix - Les Abrets13.82131.67kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Les Abrets - Le Pin15.94147.61kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Le Pin - Saint-André25.33172.94kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Saint-André - Revel-Tourdan20.41193.35kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Revel-Tourdan - La Régnie30.85224.20kml dump
Via Gebennensis: La Régnie - Saint-Julien25.52249.72kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Saint-Julien - Les Setoux23.94273.66kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Les Setoux - Montfaucon15.68289.34kml dump
Via Gebennensis: Montfaucon - Saint Jeures19.70309.04kml dump
Via Gebennensis: St Jeures - St Julien-Chapdeuil20.29329.33kml dump
Via Gebennensis: St Julien-Chapdeuil-Puy-En-Velay17.55346.88kml dump
aBreltelle Annecy - Mathy34.2234.22kml dump
fAnnemase à beaumont 2009-07-0810.3210.32kml dump
fAnnemase à beaumont 2009-07-08- Section 25.7016.02kml dump
fAnnemase à beaumont 2009-07-08- Section 32.9618.98kml dump
gBretelle du Chablais St Gingolph-Genève72.2372.23kml dump
vVariante Serrières/Chautagne4.564.56kml dump
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